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Spring Menu Guide


Just as people swap sneakers for sandals and down coats for rain boots when the seasons change, they also change up their diets too. Spring offers a tasty chance for operators to appeal to consumers with lighter, brighter and more celebratory menus filled with fresh produce, vibrant flavors and mouth watering LTOs. Incorporate these trends, tips and recipe ideas into your spring menu planning.

In this infographic, you’ll discover: 

  • Trending spring produce and ingredients
  • Spring holidays and events 
  • Menu ideas and recipe inspiration
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How Pork Can Power Your Global Menu

Pork is one of the most loved proteins in the world. Visit any country and you’ll find pork on the...

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Pig Out on These Pork and Bacon Trends

Long gone are the days when bacon was just for breakfast or chops were the only pork on the menu....
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10 Restaurant Tips For This Holiday Season

The holiday season can indeed be the most wonderful time of the year for restaurant operators, and...

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How Restaurants Are Adapting to Remote Work

In this infographic, you'll discover: 
  • What consumers want more of from restaurants
  • Tips for...
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Bowls Bring Versatility & Customization to the Menu

Consumer interest in bowls is still going strong, and operators increasingly are looking to...

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Global BBQ Trending Flavors & Preparations

Globally inspired barbecue is a hot trend among consumers looking to expand their culinary...

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Elevating Comfort Food with Better-for-You Inspiration

In this infographic, you'll discover: 
  • Which diet patterns are trending with consumers
  • What...
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What Foodservice Operators Can Expect in 2023

To draw consumers, operators may want to incorporate some of the anticipated 2023 foodservice...

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How to Continuously Serve Customers—Despite the Tight Labor Market

Since 2020, numerous restaurants have faced mounting labor difficulties—including finding new...

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