How to Customize Noncommercial Operations to Serve Gen Z

Every generation assimilates the food and environmental ethos of its time. One-size-fits-all marketing may be tempting because it’s easy, but it can never adequately serve the unique demographic and psychographic variations that distinguish one generation from another.

To be successful, operators catering to the complete customer spectrum must study the nuances of generational sensibilities and behaviors—and then develop menus, promotions and programs that cater to the needs and preferences of each group. Mindset mindfulness is especially important in noncommercial operations, where guests are repeat—often daily—customers.

Here are some key things to know about Gen Z, one of the four generations driving much of today’s foodservice spending. Noncommercial operators can look to restaurant trends to improve satisfaction and keep guests onsite.

Embracing sustainability and a “health of the whole person” mindset are business imperatives for today’s operators. No matter what you do with your menu and marketing, be sure to keep the nourishment, sourcing, packaging, pricing and social connection priorities of your target demographic in mind.

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